Jenna Lowe was a guiding light in the landscape of Pulmonary Hypertension in South Africa, young, bright, beautiful and courageous she became an activist for the condition shortly after she was diagnosed in 2011.

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Jenna Lowe (Passed away - 8th June 2015)



It was the 10th of December 2014 when we got the call – there was a match for our beautiful girl. A flurry of emergency flights, packing of medication, ambulances and precise evacuation plan saw our entire family in Johannesburg within 4 hours … this was our chance to save our girl. Our hope.

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Editor's Note: Monique Jardine, 15 years old, was diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension in 2001. This is her story.

Gauteng, South Africa—When I was a small child, they first diagnosed me with asthma; and at the age of four, I was diagnosed with an ASD (hole in the heart). The doctors thought that was why I was so tired. This went on until I was about 11 years old. In October 2000, I started to get more tired and blue around the lips after activities, so my parents and the doctors became more concerned about what was happening to me.

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Monique Jardine (Passed away - 28th May 2005)



Hi, I am Monique’s mom, Amanda. I thought it would be good for Monique to tell you her story herself. The past three and a half years have been difficult for us as a family in coming to terms with what is happening to Monique. However, we get the strength to go on and not give up. Monique is so positive—she is an inspiration to us all. We have decided to start a support group in Gauteng for families that have to deal with this situation. We have also found that many doctors are not familiar with the disease and many times patients are treated for something else. We, therefore, will be sending information to cardiologists to create awareness about this condition. Should any parents with teenagers or children like to know more about dealing with this condition, please do not hesitate to contact me!

- Amanda Jardine,

Editor's Note: Here is an update as of January 5, 2005.

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My name is Champs Bhoola and I am 60 years old. On 30 September 2003, my nightmare began. I lost my eldest brother through sad circumstances. His sudden demise made me realize that life is very short and should be lived to the fullest. After returning from the funeral, I felt depressed, restless and above all, very breathless and tired. I was unable to climb a few steps or work for long without feeling breathless and extremely exhausted. The condition persisted in spite of my trying to come to terms with what had happened to our family.

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(Passed away - 26th Jan 2006)

My name is Pamela Manilal and I was diagnosed with Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) a year ago. I am 36 years old and the mother of three children ages 6, 12, and 14.

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Editor's Note: It is with a heavy heart that PHA SA must report the passing of Sharon Chetty on May 29, 2008. Her story is one that continues to inspire many around the world to keep fighting no matter what the odds, because one person can make a difference.

"I am so proud of being a part of the PH Association and being able to help someone else, that sometimes I forget that I have this disease."

My name is Sharon Chetty, and I am a 41-year-old mother of two boys ages 16 and 20. In 1998, I was experiencing slight shortness of breath and lots of coughing and was being treated for asthma. After being on treatment for over two months, there was no change and I started seeing different specialists and physicians with no joy. I had EKGs done, plus X-rays, but nothing could be picked up. As my condition worsened, I eventually decided to see a pulmonologist in June 2001. He did a lung function test, checked my x-rays and said he could not see much wrong and prescribed a nasal spray and a cough suppressant, as he thought it could be a post-nasal drip causing the cough.

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Sharon Chetty (Passed away - 29 May 2008)

In Loving Memory of Roné Uren

February 27,2019

Roné was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (PH) in March 2012. She had symptoms of fatigue, shortness breath, and increased heart rate that was about 114bmp.

She was prescribed Revatio, which improved her mobility a bit, but not too much. She was also prescribed high doses of diuretics to help her liver and heart cope. Later, her body got used the drugs, so she needed higher dosages. She was going nowhere slowly.

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(Passed away - 4 March 2018)



He wrote this story of his journey with Pulmonary Hypertension

My story began in June 2009. I had turned 26 and for the 2 or 3 preceding years, was experiencing constant tiredness. I had put it down to being unfit. I had also had 8 instances of chest infections the previous year, and was diagnosed as asthmatic. The constant feeling of tiredness had prevented me from putting any concerted effort into completing my Honours degree in Accounting, which I attempted multiple times from 2007 to 2009. I had just moved back home to Richards Bay after completing my articles and had started a job at a local auditing firm. The short 200m walk from the parking lot to the office required a 10 minute recovery period afterwards. The tiredness persisted and one day at home, after having carried a box from one room to the next, I experienced a blackout. It took half an hour for me to recover from the "episode", as we now refer to them. My treating GP at the time, as a precaution, recommended I see a cardiologist. There was only one cardiologist in Richards Bay at the time, Dr R Mulchandani. I was extremely fortunate that the doctor had performed an echocardiogram, which indicated backflow of oxygenated blood into the right chamber of the heart. His initial suspicion was a cardiac shunt but he sent me to Durban for right heart catheterisation. The results came back with a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension.

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Marlon Moodley (Passed away - 27th January 2019)

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